What’s on the Wedding Menu?

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U.S. Department of Education

While Let’s Move Executive Director Sam Kass was focused on business during the recent American Heart Association Scientific Sessions, the Inside Track did manage to get the chef to reveal a bit about his upcoming wedding — specifically, what he plans to serve during the big event.

As it turns out, Kass is leaving the decision-making to his fiancée, MSNBC personality Alex Wagner.

“My fiancee will be making those decisions,” Kass said. “She knows her food, I trust her implicitly to make those decisions.”

The White House chef noted that his favorite food to eat at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue includes any of the fresh fruits and vegetables from First Lady Michelle Obama’s garden. Kass added that stories that the garden fell into disarray during the recent government shutdown are untrue — calling it “typical Washington” hype.

“There was a fox I guess,” Kass said, laughing. “There was drama, there was faux drama. There might have been a couple extra weeds, but the garden is fine.”

Suzette Harris contributed to this report.

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